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The power of MediaBank Digital Asset Management

Revolutionize your media workflow with our fresh cutting-edge MediaBank. Designed from the ground up with an AI-driven workflow at its core to help you manage, organize and share your images, videos and other media files with ease.

Why choose MediaBank?

The MediaBank service is not just your standard out-of-the-box DAM solution, Communication Pro is your partner. Your business challenges are our business challenges. With over 25 years of experience we are the trusted DAM vendor for businesses thanks to proven reliability, flexibility, performance, and customer service.

Efficient collaboration

Working together has never been easier. Share approved files and collections with just one click, or collect images by inviting team members or guests to upload files using a link. No more messy email chains or confusing file sharing. Start collaborating securely and much more efficiently. Promote fresh material with collections, package contextual content and campaigns. Securely distribute valuable assets with stakeholders outside your organization.

A secure centralized Media Hub

With a centralized system, you ensure everyone uses the latest, most accurate assets, avoiding outdated or off-brand content. With a scalable and flexible DAM solution, you can easily manage large volumes of assets and adapt to changing business needs.

Not just another out-of the box DAM

MediaBank’s intelligent Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform is built with an AI-first approach. Flexible, cloud-based technology providing businesses with a centralized hub to access, manage and distribute all digital assets and make your work easier. MediaBank offers an all-in-one, scalable, and user-friendly platform and hub for your valuable digital assets.

Having the ability to have a single source of truth for all of our assets regardless of where you publish them is a significant improvement for the internal workflow. One file for the website, partner portal, eCom, etc.

Quickly find and retrieve digital assets

Easily locate and retrieve assets using advanced search capabilities, including metadata and keyword searches. With organized content and a robust tagging system, finding the right asset becomes a breeze, saving time and frustration.

In the modern mediabank the searches get enhanced by AI-powered workflows saving lots of manual work.

Securely store and share assets

Keep your assets safe and secure with role-based access control, secure sharing and storage options. Control who sees and uses what, ensuring assets are shared appropriately across departments and roles. This is configured with tailored user permissions.

MediaBank is DAM - Digital Asset Management - What is it?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the strategic process of managing digital files like logos, images, video, audio, artwork and more. MediaBank is a SaaS DAM-service that i aimed to aid organizations to streamline their digital asset management process, leading to improved efficiency, collaboration, brand consistency, cost savings, and security.

"As a small organization, we wanted to ensure competent maintenance and support for the system by outsourcing. We use MediaBank to distribute our digital material to various stakeholders and for archiving."

Pekka Halonen – Moomin Characters Oy Ltd

"The media bank makes our daily operations easier, when important files to be shared are easily accessible in one place.”


Juho Laurio – Marketing and communications manager – Harvia Oyj

Our DAM expertise assists you in the implementation process

We take care of the on-boarding

All of our customers receive the same service no matter how big or how small. The dedication we have to them is the Communication Pro competitive advantage. We’re in the trench with you every single step of the way.

We implement a personal media bank service and take care of the entire package from start to finish. In addition to the efficient and easy-to-use MediaBank service, we have developed our on-boarding service to suit different customer needs and goals, definition, planning and implementation.

We cover the all stages in projects

You don’t have to worry about IT, servers or security. We help you move your data: whether you’re a new MediaBank user or migrating from another solution, we’ll transfer all your material, including the metadata, and structure the content sensibly. At the same time, the interface is customized according to your brand’s look & feel: your own logo, colors, fonts, folder structure and domain.

Pricing model

Our pricing model is simple and the threshold to get started is low due to our easy implementation process.

Tech support

Our support service strives to find the best possible solution to questions, whether they concern information related to the implementation of the material bank or the use of assets.

We use the latest technology and information security standards and continue to develop MediaBank and the artificial intelligence platform step by step. Communication Pro has at its disposal an international network of experts with whom we can carry out various development projects. We will keep you updated on new features.

Ready to bring order to your media chaos?

Simplify your workflow in three basic steps:

Easily upload your digital assets to our secure MediaBank and let our AI screen the content. Having the ability to have a single central source (single source of truth) for all assets regardless of where you publish them is a significant improvement for internal workflows.

Use our intuitive tools to categorize and tag your assets for easy retrieval. MediaBank automatically employs the AI-Platform to streamline the management of media files.

Access & Share:
Easily access your assets anytime, anywhere. Share them securely with your team, press or external partners with controlled access.

Our intuitive interface saves time

Centralize all your digital assets in the secure, cloud-based location of MediaBank, making it a breeze to find, access or re-purpose them. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone in your organization to use, even with no prior experience. Also with a mobile device thanks to our responsive web app.

No more searching through scattered folders or wasting time on redundant tasks. Quickly find and share your assets with an easy-to-navigate and customizable user interface. Say goodbye to wasted time searching for lost files and start retrieving, re-purposing, or altering digital media from any location.

MediaBank provides fresh solutions and flexible modules to helpmanage, connect, and control your content. Less time chasing files, more time for marketing. The interface is available in English, Swedish and Finnish.


The good fit for your specific business, affordable and flexible.

MediaBank offers an all-in-one, scalable and user-friendly platform for your valuable digital assets. A central hub in your ecosystem.

MediaBank’s intelligent platform is a flexible, cloud-based technology that provides businesses with a centralized hub to access, manage and distribute all digital assets and make your work easier.

Our service offers unlimited users.

Choose Starter, Pro or Enterprise!

Our customers

From start-ups to small and medium-sized organizations, and big corporations – our customers have one thing in common: They all simplify their workflows with MediaBank and manage their content.

Industries we serve

Our Mediabank Solution caters to a wide range of industries, empowering organizations to optimize their media management:

Marketing & Advertising
Manufacturing & Engineering
Non-profit & Government
Media & Entertainment
Retail & E-commerce
Education & Training
Healthcare & Pharma

We keep your content safe

Server security

To protect your data, we use high-security standards and IT industry best practices that have been established for years to protect our infrastructure. Our platform uses advanced encryption and security protocols to keep your assets safe. We use Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and are committed to the highest safety standards. Your data is processed in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Europe and EU.

Data security and privacy protection

We ensure to roll out the latest security updates regularly. Thus, we guarantee a 24h backup service as well as a high-performance server infrastructure. Your data is processed in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Europe and EU. All processes comply with the regulations of the GDPR. In addition to that, you can conclude a data processing contract with us. All employees complete a certified data protection training course.

Consent management

Our intelligent tool shows you who has given their consent for which communication channel. This is how you can quickly and easily eliminate legal uncertainties with photo publications.


As your business grows, so does your digital asset library. Our services are designed to scale together with you, accommodating any size of asset library.

Manage your assets safely and smoothly

The most basic but also the most important functionality in the MediaBank DAM system is to store your media files in a safe and secure way. To be able to organize and find the files quickly and of course to be able to optimize and use the files in the right channel at the right time is central.

Store, structurize, organize and share all your digital assets from your own browser-based, intuitive, beautiful and easy-to-use centralized media bank in the cloud.

MediaBank provides fresh solutions and flexible modules that help manage media files such as images, documents and videos and control the use of content.

MediaBank turvallisuus

MediaBank’s folder structure tailored to your organization

Each organization is unique and therefore the folder structure in MediaBank is completely customizable and unlimited in the number of folders and levels of subfolders.

Your MediaBank administrators create and customize the media library themselves and can, for each folder, choose different sorting and display settings. You can also import an existing folder structure when you start up your MediaBank.

Virtual folders

In addition to the conventional storage in a folder structure, MediaBank also has albums which are virtual folders. This means that a file can be placed in several folders without affecting the storage or creating duplicates.

Manage multiple brands and scale the business!

Segment your albums and portals into multiple instances or sub-instances under the same single sign-on. Use our multi-brand architecture – perfect for sub-brands, subsidiaries, geographic territories and more. Share material with the right content, in the right format and in the right channel.

MediaBank Regions


Present the content in an appealing form and in line with the brand. Make all relevant assets available, searchable, findable, and downloadable. 

Provide audience optimised content portals. With the media portal’s simple interface, users interact locally or across the globe.

Use media portals, your branded website, for sharing content to your target groups. Tailor localized content for regional markets or user groups and manage multiple media portals.

As part of our customer base includes public administration, we have been offering a WCAG 2.1 AA compliant accessible media portals for an extended period of time.


Utilize our AI’s help!

Increase your team’s productivity with MediaBank’s AI platform. With our artificial intelligence you can avoid duplicates, find similar images, recognize persons, tag images, detect trademarks and work smarter.

MediaBank’s AI (artificial intelligence) features can work as your automatic engine, leaving you with more time for other efforts. With the image converter 
 you can extract text from images.

MediaBank tekoäly AI

Choose MediaBank

No more endless searching

Locate any asset in seconds with our powerful search engine, using metadata, keywords, or visual recognition technology. Our advanced search features that likes to think ahead makes sure you find your files in seconds. Filter, auto-complete search and direct access to your most frequently used files. Create custom metadata fields to describe your assets or create a controlled vocabulary to reinforce internal syntax in your organization.

Custom user permissions

Stay on top of things and flexible with user permissions. You decide which guests or colleagues have access to your media files. It’s in your hands to make sure everyone can find and share the right assets with advanced user roles, groups, and permissions.

Advanced rights management enables you to share the accurate assets

All assets are probably not to be shared with all stakeholders. With MediaBank’s advanced rights management, your admins can set up business-specific roles and rules to manage secure sharing. This way you will have no problem sharing sensitive information within your DAM. You can also share accurate assets for specific needs.

Automated Workflow & Integration

By being specific in your configuration you can set up automations to turn your MediaBank into automating asset management tasks to save time and effort. Seamlessly integrate our MediaBank with your existing systems. With an open API, MediaBank is a flexible and scalable solution. Connect to your CMS, PIM and creative tools to create automated workflows and streamlined distribution.

Can’t find the integration you’re after? Customize the MediaBank experience to suit your situation. Let your developers loose with our API and tailor away.

Ensure brand consistency

Maintain a consistent brand image across all channels. Centralize and organize only approved, on-brand assets. Access approved brand assets, like logos and visuals, in a snap. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and hello to a strong, unified brand presence!

Automatic image conversion

The diversity of platforms and output sizes necessitates re-sizing graphics to suit each context, usually manually. Now you’re done wasting time on converting images manually because MediaBank converts images automatically to the desired format upon downloading.

Clear license management

Keep track of licenses and copyrights effortlessly. With MediaBank, you store them once and attach them directly to your media files. It’s easy. Knowing you have the rights and permissions under control you stay compliant to licensing agreements.

Organization access & SSO

We provide workers easy access through SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication. Users log in once and gain access to all systems in the company.

Instantly connect and deploy your MediaBank to your company, department, team, or selected users inside the company’s AD (Active Directory).

Smooth uploading and indexing

MediaBank supports over 100 different file formats. You simply upload by browsing for the file on the computer or via SFTP and then drag-and-drop the files to the MediaBank.

Metadata such as XMP, IPTC, Exif (incl. geodata) are automatically included. You can also link videos from external sources such as Youtube and Vimeo and manage them as regular files uploaded to the system.

Of course, you can index multiple files at the same time. With customized metadata and additional fields the workflow becomes smoother and more efficient and the search quality improves significantly. Auto-indexing saves manual work by automatically adding keywords to files.